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Drunk Spelling Bee

Needs a location

Come try your luck at spelling words while under the influence. Always a fun, goofy time

Saturday Y2K day party

Needs a location

This is a day party at Beauty Bar.
They are LGBTQ friendly venue
No cover.
Just music jams from 2000 to 2010 across the genres.
You will hear pop, rnb, rap, Hip Hop, among other genres.
They have a full bar and you can pretty much dance anywhere there.
Please eat before drinking and dance with some rhythm.
Shoot me a message if you have any questions

Dog Days at Sidetrack in Boystown

Needs a location

Calling all Dog Lovers! Bring your pup to Sidetrack's monthly Dog Day afternoon for drinks and fun! You don't have to have a dog to join us. I'll be bringing my pug Pickles.

Thursday Jr Fun Axe Throwing

Needs a location

For some reason it isn't Friday............and blowing off a little steam is just what the doctor ordered

I'm looking to get a group of 4 altogether, to throw axes (or knives if I read that part right) for Thursday.
This will be in lake view.
You can bring in your own food but per the rules, no alcohol is allowed.
There are places to drink nearby afterwards if anyone wants to stick around.

Also we may be able to have a total of 8 people in our group.

As always shoot me a message for any questions or concerns

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