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Living consciously means living in alignment with your True Self, having access to your unlimited potential and commanding all the power of nature on your evolutionary journey, which is a journey to more and more joy and happiness. Living consciously means having power to build the life you want and select how to respond to any situation in alignment with your values. It also means being sensitive and aware of yours and others' fundamental evolutionary needs.

Being in Conscious Business means conducting business with high integrity and evolutionary purpose that unifies your partners and customers around common vision. Conscious Business means unlocking unlimited potential of yourself and others through access to the conscious fabrics of the universe that everything consists of. This access is granted to those living conscious evolutionary life and being in touch with their Source.

This group is created to share inspiration, techniques, ideas, case studies and frameworks to help you grow Conscious Business. We learn, we collaborate, we enjoy it :)
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Fundamentals of Conscious Business - Workshop

Downtown Chicago


This is a 2 hour introduction to the topic of Conscious Business in the form of workshop. We will discuss how to build top-performing conscious businesses and a competition maturity framework. We'll cover the Business Invincibility Index (BII) and how it's measured. We'll then briefly review each of the key nine areas of Conscious Business and some case studies. The workshop will be an interactive engagement, so please be prepared to participate and consider how to apply the learning in your real circumstances or examples. LOCATION: To be defined; somewhere in the Near North Side. Map shows a sample place, to be confirmed.

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