What we're about

Who is Creative Coding Chicago?

We are a group of coders, creators, and makers who want to meet regularly to learn from each other and make interesting things together.

What is creative coding?

A decent video introduction: The Art of Creative Coding (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBV14-3LT-g)

By coding we mean work using tools and techniques that are digitally stored, computer-aided, software-based, human-programmed, and internet-accessible. This includes processes that are coded, technological, programmatic, generative, computational, interactive, open-source, publicly accessible, and cross-media. By creative we mean work that is experimental and playful, using interfaces, installations, performances, websites, videos, artifacts, images, sounds, and symbols.

Some example technologies we're open to exploring: programming languages, algorithms, databases, frameworks, libraries, editors, browsers, servers, applications, APIs, networks, the internet, IoT, runtime environments, simulators, modeling, printing, AR, MR, VR, robots, bots, chatbots, bot nets, drones, plotters, motion sensors, RFID, cognitive services, sentiment analysis, machine vision, image processing, natural language processing, intelligent recommendations, semantic search, mobile devices, wearables, descriptive/predictive/prescriptive analytics, generative programming, evolutionary computation, neural networks, and more.

How will the meetings go?

With a dual emphasis on education and building, we aim for tutorials and demos. A tutorial (either live or on video) is a workshop that we can all code along with. Demos are presentations of solo or group projects, or test drives of work made by group members or other creative coders. We may also have guest speakers, Q&A or AMA sessions, group brainstorming, planning, or feedback sessions.

When & Where?

Venue and schedule will be based on our scouting and group members’ availability — ideally, a free workshop-like space with enough room, tables and chairs, power, Wi-Fi, and projection capabilities.

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