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[Dine in Movie Theater] Mirai no Mirai
Well known upcoming movie from director Hosada Mamoru (Boy and Beast, Wolf Children etc) Trailer Here: Seats are assigned. Feel free to buy your own (presale open as of Sep 25) Its a dine in theater so we will eat there Highly recommend anyone to watch this! Its amazing with lots of feels. Get your ticket early!

AMC DINE-IN Block 37

108 North State Street · Chicago


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What we're about

Think of this as your "the anime club outside college". Targeted towards younger anime watchers (college students and new grads - young to late 20s to early 30s). If you like watching current anime, and love talking about shows as they go, this is the group for you :).
We are looking for people who are watching anime airing straight from japan tv channels (not toonami...) on a weekly basis (i.e. if you are following 5 series, you'll watch 5 episodes of anime total a week). That being said, if you're trying to get back into anime (after not watching since high school), feel free to check out the link below before applying to join.

Great resource for seeing what's currently airing in japan: ( )

There are generally two official events a month taking place on weekends, namely:

1. Anime viewing + dinner talks = Pick 4 anime shows with different flavours from the current season and watch the latest episodes at one of the host's residence. Please make sure you are up to date unless you don't mind spoilers (spoilers from source material are never allowed). Afterwards we will go out to dinner nearby and have fun sharing predictions / reactions / shipping

2. Social Event for members to get to have fun and get to know each other better. Some examples of possible events include:

○ Curry Dinner - learn to make Japanese curry at home and eat it with friends (while casually watching shows or playing some couch party games

○ Mitsuwa Market trip - carpool to the Mitsuwa Japanese grocery store in Arlington Heights which also boasts one of the best food courts around the area + a Kinokuniya japanese book store for buying anime merchandise and manga / light novels
○ Local Anime screening - carpool together to a theater nearby to watch new anime movies coming out of Japan (e.g. Fate Heaven's Feel, Kizumonogatari or Mary and the witches flower

○ Japanese Karaoke - singing those opening and ending songs from your favorite anime (requires Japanese reading ability or amazing googling of lyrics).

Besides these 2 monthly official events, members are encouraged to plan their own casual hangouts (not posted on meetup). As we get to know each other better, the group can also help facilitate other hands on activities like sushi-making, cosplay gatherings, or ani-con trips.

**Basic Rules**
Before Joining:
• Please have a profile picture with a clear picture of your face. While we all like anime, accepting a new member in the group means hosts have to be willing to invite this person into their private residences.
• In most cases, a member from the leadership team will message you and get to know you better before processing your request (to gauge activeness and whether you will be a right fit for the group). This isn't a formal interview process, but gives us a chance to know the real you :).
• Membership Approvals normally happen during the weekend! Usually the application is screened with a follow up meetup message. Sometimes the organizer may reply late, please be patient.
• We are passionate about watching new airing shows. If you only want to watch older classic anime, or find it to be a hassle to keep up with new episodes weekly, this might not be the group for you ).

After joining:
• If you RSVP to an event, please show up. Repetitive no shows (usually 3) will result in you being removed from the group.
• If you have to cancel/change your RSVP, please try to do so at least 24 hours before the event unless it is an inevitable emergency.
• All of our events are smoking and drug free, while a majority of them will be dry (feel free to order alcohol during meals if you want though).
• There are no requirements to participate in events on a periodic basis. That being said, there will be periodic filtering for inactivity in order to make room for new active members (right now the group size limit is 50 people). Activity could include both physically participating in official meet ups as well as discussing current anime with the members through line chat (Link to chat provided upon membership approval)

** End of Rules Section**

Feel free to message me with any questions, or if you would like to help organize some events!

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