What we're about

Hey weebs -- this is a group for anime fans who like to keep up with seasonal shows and discuss them. Many of us are long time anime fans too, so we like talking about older shows as well. We host about two events every month that range from anime viewings to going out to eat, singing karaoke or hitting up Mitsuwa. We are always open to suggestions for events!

For a list of current seasonal anime check out AniChart (http://anichart.net). Or if you have a MAL account then check https://myanimelist.net/anime/season (Emphasis on seasonal. Long running series are are not what we're looking for)

If you’re interested in joining please fill out the questionnaire. We want to keep this group full of active members who vibe well with the rest of us and this is a way to gauge that. Keep in mind this is a 21+ group and most of our members are in their mid 20s to early 30s.

General Rules

If you are not yet a member and want to attend one of our events, please message our head organizer prior. We are also happy to have a casual meet up to get to know you first if you don’t want to wait for an official event (we're always willing to meet for a cup of coffee).

Your profile must be a clear picture of your face. We think it’s important for us all to know what everyone looks like.

Please RSVP for events 48 hours in advance. Frequent no-shows will be removed from the group.

Inactive members will be removed from the group on a case by case basis. We understand life happens; if you anticipate not attending an event for 6 months or longer, please message a head organizer.

An obvious rule but: don’t be creepy. We have a zero tolerance policy for making members feel uncomfortable or unsafe.

Your questionnaire will be rejected if you answer with one word answers, blank answers or with memes. Please answer the questionnaire to the best of your ability as the more you fill out the more we can get a feel for how you are as a person.

If you only watch long running series like My Hero Academia or Black Clover then this is probably not the group for you

Feel free to message me with any questions

Thank you

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