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The goal of this group is to help to foster a data viz community here in Chicago. <3

The plan is to host talks, intro classes, discussion groups, hack sessions, etc. that revolve around advanced data visualization.

We want the encourage the data viz community of Chicago to be involved in this meetup in whatever way seems exciting for them. Have an idea for an event? Want to give a talk? Want to help organize? Perhaps you've been working on a really awesome data viz project that you wanna show off? Ping us!

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Do No Harm Guide: Centering Accessibility in Data Visualization

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Sharing out events hosted by other Data Viz groups:

Data Viz DC is hosting our April Meetup (virtual) with the authors and editors of the most recent Do No Harm Guide: Centering Accessibility in Data Visualization for a panel discussion on current best practices as well as future trends in making more accessible data viz. Topics that will be covered include:

  • The state of accessibility in data viz and frequently seen accessibility problems
  • How has inaccessible data visualization impacted people, especially in science and academia?
  • How to write effective alt text for data viz and common ways alt text can fail
  • What is the future of AI in generating alt text
  • Where to begin to learn about accessibility

Panelists: Frank Elavsky, Alice Feng, Liz Hare, Larene Le Gassick, Sue Popkin, Doug Schepers, and Jon Schwabish

Once you register you will get access to the zoom link we ask that you register with that zoom link in advance so we can keep an eye on numbers!

Register here: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0tdO2orjstEtyZzQIEbRymdM4eY1iQHrv9

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Persuade Quietly: Dashboards that motivate action without shouting

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