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For fans of OSR and new RPGs alike... join us for 1-2 Saturdays a month from 12pm-5pm at Dmen Tap for one-shot dungeon crawls. Old school modules a plus and dungeons a must! New and experienced players welcome!

Open sign up for all members to run the dungeon of their nightmares.

Systems to include, but not limited to:
- Dungeon Crawl Classics
- Mutant Crawl Classics
- Dungeon World
- Sword & Sorcery
- Hyperborea
- AD&D/1st ed

Join our Discord server! https://discord.gg/sHmctKW

Dungeon Masters, submit your dungeon ideas here: https://www.meetup.com/Chicago-Dungeon-Craw... (https://www.meetup.com/Chicago-Dungeon-Crawls/messages/boards/thread/52064298)

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DMen Tap

This Saturday we have 2 Dungeons: A DCC Funnel by Doug Kovacs and a D&D 2nd Edition setting called Dark Sun. As always, the meetup starts at noon, with open dungeon signups. Tables will start organizing around 12:30pm, and dungeons will open at 1pm and close at 5pm. Bring your metatreasures if you have them! _________________________________ Dungeon 1 System: Dark Sun, D&D 2nd Edition DM: Morgen Dark Sun takes place on the desert planet, Athas, in the Dying Earth subgenre. If you want to try a different take on some classic D&D, this is a game for you. _________________________________ Dungeon 2 System: DCCRPG DM: Doug TBA

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DMen Tap

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