May Ember.js Meetup: Talks from Justin McNally and Erik Bryn


Justin McNally and Erik Bryn will be giving talks. Trek Glowacki will also be on hand to answer questions.

Justin McNally's talk: "Apps are from Mars, Servers are from Venus: Decoupling web apps from app servers"

Great web apps can be built without knowing a server technology. This talk aims to discuss technologies and techniques to build dynamic interactive web applications without the need for your application to be tightly coupled to a server side application. Topics will include leveraging 3rd party apis, build tools, and executing techniques that allow you interact with external resources to your application without violating Cross Origin Resource policies.

Erik Bryn's talk: "Backburner.js and the Ember Run Loop"

Erik, an Ember Core Team member, will talk about the new Backburner.js library which recently replaced Ember's Run Loop. He'll describe how Backburner works and the high level concepts that Ember uses to help you write performant applications without having to do any work yourself!