Ethereum Sharding & the Challenges of Scaling Blockchains, with Raul Jordan

Chicago Ethereum Meetup
Chicago Ethereum Meetup
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Matter Health, Suite 1230

222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza · Chicago, IL

How to find us

Take the elevator to the 12th floor and look for a metal sculpture at the entrance of MATTER.

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Raul Jordan is currently leading a team as part of Prysmatic Labs ( which is a non profit implementing the first phase of the ethereum sharding protocol inside of the go ethereum client. He will be doing a deep dive on this exciting next phase of ethereum's mission of powering the next generation of internet tech.

Before Raul takes the stage, Conrad Barski will first give everyone a brief introduction to the exciting new world of "second layer scaling solutions", which in the ethereum space includes technologies such as state channels, plasma, and sharding.

Update: We had charged $1 to attendees for this event early on as a test to see if it reduced RSVP no-shows, but (big surprise)'s WePay payment system decided arbitrarily that charging for this particular cryptocurrency-related event was a prohibited activity based on their terms of service- A great illustration of why this meetup exists in the first place!