Dogfooding Ethereum: Internal dapp pilot

Chicago Ethereum Meetup
Chicago Ethereum Meetup
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330 N Wabash Ave

330 N Wabash Ave · Chicago, IL

How to find us

23rd floor of 330 N Wabash Ave. Paul is pcowgill on Telegram if you have any trouble finding us.

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We'll be running a little experiment and trying out an Ethereum dapp together in real time during this meetup.

Usually we showcase projects and updates within the Ethereum ecosystem; this month, we're going to create and explore something of our own, just for Ethereum Chicago!

What are we exploring? That's up to you and everybody who attends this month's meetup. Building on our December 2019 meetup, we'll be conducting a quadratic funding / CLR pilot (like Gitcoin Grants) to allocate funds towards the projects you most want to explore. We've received a grant from the Ethereum Foundation - - to help fund this, so don't worry about spending your own money.

The organizers have dreamed up a few options, and feel free to bring your own ideas.

Since this will be an interactive session, please be sure to bring one of the following:

- A smartphone with a mobile wallet capable of connecting to the Ethereum network (aka a dapp browser) - Trust wallet and MetaMask mobile (in beta), among others, are good options
- A laptop with the MetaMask browser extension or equivalent

If you don't have either, we'll help get you set up with a mobile dapp browser during the meetup.