Webinar: Automated Lawsuit Filing? The Brave New World of “Anti-Robocall” Apps

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It’s easier than ever for consumers to file TCPA complaints for unwanted calls – between growing awareness and apps that let them file complaints at the touch of the button, the risk of fines is too big to ignore any longer.

When the Today Show started talking about the Robo Revenge app, our inboxes started filling up fast! Companies of all sizes that use online lead generation are rightfully worried about these peer-to-peer lawsuits. If you’re not worried about the risk of TCPA complaints eating away at your profits, you’re not paying attention.

The risk can be reduced, though, if you remember 3 rules:

1. Detect bots when they fill out your lead gen forms so you’re only calling real humans.
2. Scrub your existing lists to be free from bad actors.

3. If you make a mistake, get the best possible legal help to minimize the damages.

Tune in to find out exactly how to get the best protection for each step of your lead generation work.