Chicago, IL

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Sep 27, 2013


Everybody can be helpful and make a difference. Start by volunteering today, it is easy. I believe we all have infinite kindness & compassion in our hearts, that is meant to help each other. If you want proof, come join me in an event. :-)

Have you ever volunteered before? In what way? (Tutoring, Kids, Humanitarian, Cleanup, Nature, Animals) Still doing so?

Yes, All of the above. Still doing so, every day. I believe the power of volunteering can improve our community, our own lives and the one world we all share.

What do a person's day-to-day actions REALLY say about them? What do the words MORAL FIBER mean to you? Tell us what you think...

Good thoughts lead to good actions, good actions lead to good results. Start with a simple good thought each day and you can change the world. Everyone of us are capable of a good thought, everyone of us can make this world a kinder place, and should. Having moral fiber means you still do the right thing when nobody is watching, even if it is hard, even if it is unpopular.

Are you new to Chicago? Might you need or can you help carpool? As a fun community of members, transport to non-city events never ends up a problem!

I will be happy to provide car pool service to events outside of the city. The only thing more fun than volunteering with a bunch of good people is volunteering with a bunch of good people on a road trip!

Occasionally outside groups contact us looking for help. Is there a specific type (animals, kids, etc) of volunteering you would like us to keep you mind for in these situations?

I am willing to help with any opportunity that needs volunteers.

Where did you hear about our group? A Current Member (who)? Meetup link/email? Flier? Speech? Facebook? Other? (Specific answers will help us & the number we reach out to *GROW* :)

From fellow volunteers, aren't they a great source of info? :) Volunteering is a like a game of Volleyball. Everybody in the community should seize the opportunity to volunteer, like every player in a volleyball game takes turn to "serve". ;-)