What we're about

Do you feel things are improving? Maybe we're moving TOO fast. Technology's exponential rise constantly brings us closer to a new future. But what does this mean for you? How might it impact us all?

This group is for people who are interested in the future. Some futurists may be interested in how the future could affect our evolution. Others may want to take part in building it. Our focus is to present and discuss possible future scenarios and the impact they might have to humanity at large. Rigorous and respectful discussions are encouraged!

Questions futurists might be interested in:

• What is the singularity and can we ever reach it?

• Does gene manipulation and 3D bio-printing make us "gods"?

• How might artificial intelligence impact our human relationships?

• What does it mean to be human?

Anyone is welcome to join from any background--no technobabble necessary. This inclusive policy encourages differing views and helps avoid "groupthink". Because of this, opposing views should be welcomed, debated, and integrated into the discussion.

If you are interested in presenting a topic, please contact us to reserve a speaking slot.

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