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Oct 10-21: The 54th Chicago International Film Festival (See "Instructions ).

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NOTE: The Film Fest runs from 10/10 to 10/21. I set our Meetup dates from 10/10 to 10/15. After 10/15 it will move to "Past Meetups". I am doing this because if I don't, this event will be the "lead" event for eleven days and will drive everyone - especially me (!) - crazy. Once it's in "Past Meetups" you will still be able to COMMENT & MESSAGE as usual.

BE SURE TO READ THE "INSTRUCTIONS" [#5] on how this Meetup is structured. It's a little different.

Dear Members:

1. This is FYI EVENT (See "About" for event classifications). THIS IS NOT OUR NORMAL STYLE EVENT - BE SURE TO READ THE "INSTRUCTIONS".

2. The 54th Chicago International Film Fest has something for everyone. This 11 day film festival brings to Chicago some of the worlds best movies from drama... to dark.... to political .... to comedy and everything in between. This year there are over 120 films to choose from. Originating countries run from Australia to Vietnam.

3. The Festival home link(s):

The Film Festival Catalog/Program:

4. So how are we going to work this as a Meetup? As Yoda would say: "Question good is, young Jedi".

or... "How To Be a International Movie Festival Organizer In One Nite". [Put it on your resume!]

a. Pick the movie (s) YOU would like to see and post it AND the time of the showing you wish to attend, many have multiple showings, in the COMMENTS section (if you have multiple movie choices, make each one a separate COMMENT). Naturally you will tell your peeps to meet you in the movie lobby 10-15 minutes b/4 the showing. Depending on the movies ending time... you might want to suggest a after-movie coffee/snack/pizza/cocktail/?

b. Tell peeps to RSVP w/i YOUR comments section. This way you will know who is coming to YOUR movie meetup. Do NOT be surprised if your response is small or even zilch.... with 120 movies, "the field" will be spread pretty thin. Do not be discouraged. Peeps are fickle! Trust me. I look back at my old "cat-herding" days with fond memories. See item #5 for an idea to help assure a fun turnout.

c. Be sure to tell/remind your peeps to BUY their tickets in ADVANCE. Many showings sell-out. THIS MEANS YOU TOO!

d. Tell your peeps what you will be wearing that is DISTINCTIVE (Hint: A blaze orange hat! haha).

5. Have fun. TIP: Tell & invite your friends from life or work. Make it a party-with-a-purpose afternoon/nite. But w/o any clean-up! Cool.

NOTE: Many of the foreign films have sub-titles. Duh.

Jim, fearless leader.

PS 1: I posted in the COMMENTS section the show I will be going to ("The Extraordinary Journey Of Celeste Garcia". It's a Cuban/German comedy). Hope to see a few peeps...

PS 2: I will be "editing" the COMMENTS as needed in order to keep it from getting to long. The most obvious examples will be deleting movies that have "come & gone" and redundant Q & A's.