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Throw out whatever buzzword you'd like (Industry4.0, Digital Industrial, Advanced Manuf., etc.), it's clear manufacturing is going through another historical evolution that is revitalizing the industry. Chicago and the broader Midwest's manufacturing roots have a strong voice in this discussion, so let's use 2018 to build on the flywheel that is already running! Through this 6-part series in 2018 we hope to keep a pulse on this evolution while actively exploring all of the amazing resources and tech companies the city of Chicago has to offer in support of this revitalization. This Meetup is targeted at all levels of Industry4.0 enthusiasts, from beginners new to the party to experts looking to discuss ICS standards/protocols, through a mix of curated presentations, guest speakers, panel discussions and general Industry4.0 networking. If you want to see this Chicago community grow, join us this year and meet some great folks passionate about digital meets industrial!

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