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Chicago Integrative Spirituality (CIS) is an all-inclusive community that consults the practices and letters of old (and new) from a plethora of wisdom traditions including Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, the Grimm's Fairy Tales, mythology, fiction and poetry (Joyce, Elliot, etc.), and neuroscience for anyone who would like to restore or add another dimension of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in their life. Because CIS recognizes that spirituality and waking up are not "program-specific" but rather emerge as natural consequences of being human, the group is not necessarily concerned with proving or defending historical accuracy of these letters but rather aims to approach all intimately as windows into our own hidden worlds. Consequently, CIS does not consult religious or spiritual text as formal decrees commanding how one should live, but rather as deeply personal expositions of who we are. Each week, the group admin will assign a reading from a core tradition that will be discussed in gripping detail and invite participants to reflect on said tale, scripture, poem, etc. - whether internal or external - throughout the week. For example, in the Briar Rose tale (Sleeping Beauty), the Princess falls into a deep sleep for 100 years, hidden in a forest of brambles and thorns. When have you been stuck in a forest of bramble of thorns? Are you in one now? What rescues and wakes you from blindly sleeping your life away? This group seeks to restore vitality and a sense of wonder through proper and riveting collaboration. While we practice meditation from the Theravadan school of Buddhism dating back thousands of years to the teachings of the historical Buddha, CIS is a non-denominational community that understands the very ordinary, grounded utility of awareness practices to deepen self-reflection, relax, and strengthen the relationship with yourself and others.

All are welcome! Even wolves!

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