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Chicago JO-Buds is a private group for men who like to socialize naked with other men and enjoy mutual masturbation, circle-jerks, group jack-off, frotting, male bonding and affirming naked fun.

Our events take place in a private, small, naked social setting. We host small groups of 10-20 men in private homes/condo's/apartments twice monthly.

We welcome men 18-51 of all races, sexual orientation or body types. Straight, bi or gay, democrat or republican, you are welcome. For those men over 52, we maintain an email list and you are invited to join one of the events each month.

A self photo is required in your profile join and remain a member of the group. Ideally it should include your face, but for privacy reasons it may be your shirtless upper body or something that well represents you. It should not be small, blurry or hard to see. The idea is to give an idea of who you are to the other group members - again balancing your need for privacy with sharing with the group. Pictures of landscapes, animals, cartoons or things other than yourself will not be approved.

If declined, you may always update your picture or profile questions and apply again. Meetup allows you to customize photo's for individual groups so your JO-Buds photo need not necessarily be your main profile picture. (FYI, to best manage photo's use the website of meetup, not the app).

Please fill out the profile questions completely and accurately to be approved. We require you to make sure your meetup settings are set to receive emails and sent to an email address you check frequently. Everything happens through email, including announcing new events, changes to events including a rare need to cancel last minute, invitations to those on the guest list with address/details and other important events. Checking the app does not provide you with all the necessary information in a timely manner and causes the organizers to have to spend the day of the event responding individually to questions or "what's the address" for those who chose not to receive emails.

We offer the following:

• Opening up our space in a friendly, safe, fun environment to provide a group masturbation experience.

• A place free of judgement on your body, penis or anything else. You are great, just as you are.

• You are welcome to attend as often as you like and sign up for.

In exchange we require the following:

• You follow the rules of the group (rules are here).

• When you sign up, you show up (no no-shows or day of cancellation).

• You make sure your meetup account receives our emails and you check them in a timely manner.

• You must be fully vaccinated and show proof either in advance or when you show up.

To comply with meetup Community Guidelines, I am providing the following information:

"The group description must outline rules of participation and informed consent."

Our groups are focused on self and mutual masturbation in a group setting with other like-minded, naked men. Touching yourself and others is allowed and encouraged with consent. Ask before you touch anyone else and verbally gain their consent. You are welcome to only touch yourself, watch, be watched or join in with others - the choice is totally up to you in the moment.

"The group must be clear about activities that will occur."

Our events are strictly masturbation, no oral, anal or putting your anything into anyone else's anything. Kissing and body contact (lips above the hips) is encouraged, again with consent.

"Organizers must outline safety considerations."

While masturbation is considered a very safe activity, there is a potential, minimal, risk of contracting something from someone else. Do not attend events if you are sick, potentially sick or have anything that could be spread to other members. You never, ever have to do anything you are uncomfortable with, or do not want to do. You may report any problems and should consider your own comfort and safety above all else.

Please contact us with any questions. We look forward to meeting you!

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