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What we're about

There are plenty of board game meetups at bars, cafes and game stores. The goal of this group is to offer living room game nights for smaller get-togethers.

We welcome anyone interested in friendly game nights, even if you haven’t played any modern board games before. Our only request is you be polite and respectful to everyone.

Anyone is welcome to host their own event, whether you’re looking to play gateway games like Splendor and Carcassonne, or complex Euro games like Terra Mystica and Terraforming Mars.

Remember, space is limited for each event, so don’t feel discouraged if you’re stuck on the waitlist. Hopefully you can make it to the next one, or even host one of your own!

Past events (328)

Concordia (on the Internet)

Online event

"Barrage" in Austin

5903 W Race Ave

Social Games in Lakeview

Jonathan’s Apt

Strategy & Euro Games (on Argyle St)

Apt on Argyle

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