• An Evening of Automation and Scalability with Kubernetes and Kubeflow

    Join Chicago ML for an evening featuring Kubeflow, the machine learning toolkit for Kubernetes. We're featuring two presentations: - Case study using Kubeflow by Ross Claytor from Maven Wave - Introduction to machine learning automation with Kubeflow by Garrett Smith from Guild AI Kubeflow automates machine learning workflows in Kubernetes. It's used to manage standardized platforms for distributed training and model hosting. In the presentations, you'll learn the basics of this important tool and see how it can accelerate deep learning by leveraging multiple GPUs. We'll hear first from Ross Claytor of Maven Wave about a case study using Kubeflow to train a number of predictors on GKE to create a final predictor using an ensemble. Following Ross's presentation, we'll hear from Garrett Smith on where Kubeflow fits in the arena of workflow automation tools for machine learning. Drinks will be provided by our host Maven Wave.

  • AI for People and Business - Book Launch and Signing

    This is the official Chicago book launch event for Alex Castrounis’ new O’Reilly book, AI for People and Business (book description below). Alex will present an overview of his book and the conceptual frameworks and models that the book covers, which can help people understand and leverage AI and machine learning successfully. The presentation will be followed by a networking session where 20 free copies of AI for People and Business will be given away and signed (see below for how to qualify for a book)! Alex will also sign copies that you bring, so feel free to grab a copy in advance from Amazon at https://amzn.to/31HnEpp (note that books will NOT be available for sale at the event). Light refreshments (not a full dinner) will be provided. We look forward to seeing you there! Free Books To qualify for a free, signed book at this event, we're asking for a contribution to the Chicago ML community - in the form of KNOWLEDGE. Here's what you need to do: 1. Sign in to the Chicago ML Slack workspace at https://bit.ly/2S0zFAP. This where community members share info, ask questions, etc. It's totally free and non-commercial. 2. Introduce yourself and post a link in the #general channel to something that you think is INTERESTING in the field of ML. This can be a paper, a software library or tool, an article on ML - whatever you think would add value to the Chicago ML community. The first 10 posts automatically get a free book! The other 10 books will be given away at random to any remaining posts. You must be in attendance at the event to receive a book. Official Book Description If you’re an executive, manager, or anyone interested in leveraging AI within your organization, this is your guide. You’ll understand exactly what AI is, learn how to identify AI opportunities, and develop and execute a successful AI vision and strategy. Alex Castrounis, business consultant and former IndyCar engineer and race strategist, examines the value of AI and shows you how to develop an AI vision and strategy that benefits both people and business. AI is exciting, powerful, and game changing—but too many AI initiatives end in failure. With this book, you’ll explore the risks, considerations, trade-offs, and constraints for pursuing an AI initiative. You’ll learn how to create better human experiences and greater business success through winning AI solutions and human-centered products. - Use the book’s AIPB Framework to conduct end-to-end, goal-driven innovation and value creation with AI - Define a goal-aligned AI vision and strategy for stakeholders, including businesses, customers, and users - Leverage AI successfully by focusing on concepts such as scientific innovation and AI readiness and maturity - Understand the importance of executive leadership for pursuing AI initiatives Bio Alex Castrounis is the author of AI for People and Business, an analytics and product strategy consultant, and founder of InnoArchiTech. An expert in business, analytics, and product management, Alex has nearly 20 years of innovation experience and has taught the benefits of data science and advanced analytics to thousands of people.

  • Taming Big Data DevOps with Automation for Machine Learning

    Microsoft Technology Center

    We are pleased to host Muji Qadri, Sr. Solution Engineer from Unravel, to present on automation for big data in machine learning. Organizations are being disrupted by the convergence of Machine Learning/AI, Cloud and Big Data. Organizations typically end up with a stack of tools in their Big Data ecosystem, some of these are cloud storage S3/ADLS, Hive, Impala, Spark, LLAP, Kafka etc. Hundreds of applications, queries and data streams depend on the stack to be available and scalable. Any disruption in these services or running non-optimally impacts users across the organization. We will explore how to move from Observability (Logging, Monitoring) to DevOps for Big Data. Admins need help to identify patterns in the workloads, tune the hundreds of knobs in configs to enable frictionless multi-tenant environment and automate actions to enable self-service, both for developers and admins. This frees up valuable time of admins, who today are scrambling to find root-cause for every failed app which they have very little knowledge of; to planning for new releases/apps, and enabling organizations to delivery faster ROI. Muji Qadri is a senior solution engineer at Unravel. He is passionate about performance tuning, scaling distributed systems and using data to solve customer problems. For the past 20 years, Muji has been working in the Big Data space for Financial Services, Telco, Retail and Government entities in different roles ranging from Pre-Sales, Engineering/Architecture & Project Management.

  • Chicago ML at Fermilab


    Chicago ML is extremely excited to announce our first meetup with the ML team at Fermilab - America's particle physics and accelerator laboratory! NOTE: This event is in Batavia, IL - 40 miles west of Chicago. If you'd like to participate in a car pool - as a driver or a passenger - visit this link: https://www.groupcarpool.com/t/h6bswk We will be hearing from: Gabe Perdue - Deep learning for ghost particles Joao Calderia - Machine learning the universe Javier Duarte - The fastest inference at the highest energies Garrett Smith - Light weight workflow automation with Guild AI Some of the group's ML papers: https://arxiv.org/abs/1902.00743 https://arxiv.org/abs/1808.08332 https://arxiv.org/abs/1902.10159 https://arxiv.org/abs/1812.01106 https://arxiv.org/abs/1810.01483 https://arxiv.org/abs/1904.08986 https://arxiv.org/abs/1804.06913 https://arxiv.org/abs/1807.02876 NOTE AGAIN: The meetup is at Fermilab in Batavia, Illinois - approximately 40 miles west of Chicago. If you'd like to participate in a car pool - as a driver or a passenger - visit this link: https://www.groupcarpool.com/t/h6bswk

  • Chicago ML hosted by IBM

    IBM Chicago Office

    Chicago ML is delighted to announce our first collaboration with IBM on May 30! Open Standards for Machine Learning Model Deployment by Svetlana Levitan Dr. Svetlana Levitan, Developer Advocate with Center for Open Source Data and AI Technologies (CODAIT) at IBM, discuses open standards that have made the process of model deployment easier. Predictive model deployment is the part of the machine learning process where the practical results are achieved, when the model is used for generating predictions on new data (known as scoring). The deployment used to present big difficulties, as models were typically built in one environment and needed to be deployed in a different one. Often they would need to be re-implemented in a new programming language, that would be very slow and error-prone. Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) and Portable Format for Analytics (PFA) were developed by the Data Mining Group (DMG) that originated in Chicago. PMML has been around for more than 20 years and is used widely. PFA is an emerging standard that is getting a lot of interest. Open Neural Network eXchange (ONNX) format was recently developed by Facebook and Microsoft as a way to exchange deep learning (DL) models between different DL frameworks, and is now experiencing explosive growth. Attendees will get a good understanding of predictive model deployment challenges and approaches. Svetlana Levitan, PhD, is Developer Advocate with Center for Open Source Data and AI Technologies (CODAIT) at IBM. She has been a software engineer, architect, and technical lead for SPSS Analytic components for many years. She represents IBM at the Data Mining Group and is the release manager for PMML and PFA, open standards for predictive model deployment. She is also working with other companies on ONNX, an open model exchange format for deep learning models. Svetlana is a co-organizer of several Chicagoland Meetup groups, including Big Data Developers in Chicago, Chicago Cloud Developers, Open Source Analytics. She has authored several blogs and presented at many conferences and other events. Svetlana loves to learn new technologies and to share her expertise, to encourage girls and women in STEM.

  • Chicago ML hosted by ShopRunner

    ShopRunner, Inc.

    Deciphering the Black Box: Understanding your Machine Learning Model by Rajiv Shah This talk will show how interpretability tools can give you not only more confidence in a model, but also help to improve model performance. This workshop will cover best practices for using techniques such as feature importance, partial dependence, and explanation approaches, such as LIME. Along the way, we will consider issues like spurious correlation, multicollinearity, and other issues that may affect model interpretation and performance. The talk will use easy to understand examples and references to open source algorithms to illustrate the techniques. Rajiv Shah is a data scientist with DataRobot and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He has previously worked as a data scientist for State Farm and Caterpillar. He is an active member of the data science community in Chicago. He has a PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.

  • Midwest Applied AI Conference - Co-Sponsored with Chicago ML

    Chicago ML is proud once again to co-sponsor Chicago AI Days, this May 20th. PLEASE NOTE: RSVPs for the Meetup event are closed. You cannot register on the Meetup site but must instead register using the link below. This is a full day conference with traditional conference pricing - but we've been offered a very affordable early bird price! With discounts below our group members can attend for $70 if one of first 10 to use the new code below. Top AI leaders | Great networking | High quality programming Determine your company's future with AI. Attend the Midwest Applied AI Conference May 20th, 8:00AM - 5:00PM ************************************************************************* TICKETS HERE : https://www.chicagoaidays.com/registration As an existing member of this group you are entitled to the Community Rate. >>> First 10 to register can get additional 60% off the community rate Use CHIML60; Next 20 will get additional 40% off, use CHIML40. This means a DOUBLE DISCOUNT!, but you may want act fast. >>> Please note this additional discount only available to those who joined group before (masked) ATTENDING the event requires a PAID ti.to ticket, which you will receive upon registering at www.chicagoAIdays.com ************************************************************************* OVERVIEW Determine your AI Strategy at Chicago's Premiere AI event From IP and research to ► Commercial Success From proof of concept to ► Operational Scale From talent plan to ► Top AI Team Advance your firm's AI Results Hear from top AI leaders who will explain how they apply and operationalize AI. Learn how enterprises productize AI offerings and bring them to market. Get the inside story by listening in on applied AI case studies in Healthcare, Finance, Consumer Products, Industrial IOT and other applications. Better understand how AI is upending many business plans and where the opportunities are. Also featuring a co-located AI Career Fair. Separate registration opening soon. SPEAKERS (25+ Midwest AI Leaders) Enterprise Speakers : Walters Kluwers, Ennova, HCSC, Bayer, Zebra, Allstate, BMO, Abbvie, Microsoft AI Innovators : PhysIQ, SimMachines, Livongo, Ascent Technologies, Data Science for Social Good. PROGRAM (Insightful Case Studies and Panels) Look at latest program listings https://www.chicagoaidays.com/AI-conference-schedule

  • Chicago ML hosted by SpotHero


    Seamless Parking: An ML Approach to License Plate Recognition by Tony Smaniotto License Plate Recognition (LPR) is a technology that has been utilized across several industries in recent years, but has the potential to disrupt many more. This talk outlines how LPR can play a role in the future of parking, the challenges inherent to LPR, and details a two-phase image recognition model that can both identify and read a license plate, given an image of a vehicle. Tony Smaniotto is a Data Scientist with 8 years of experience working within product development, marketing analytics, and engineering teams. Prior to joining SpotHero, Tony held DS and Analytics roles at Leo Burnett and General Electric. Tony recently completed a Masters in Analytics program at The University of Chicago. He's passionate about building tools that help businesses make better decisions using data. Recommendation Systems by Ilya Barshai Recommendations play a huge role in the user experience on any platforms that deal with digital content delivery and ecommerce. The first part of this talk will go through the traditional techniques for producing high quality recommendation systems. The second part will go through recent NLP-based work for resolving some of the issues these traditional systems suffer from. Ilya Barshai is a machine learning scientist with Data Cowboys, a small consulting cooperative based in Seattle and Chicago. Ilya works on machine learning and data science problems in a variety of fields including education, biomedical research, manufacturing and ecommerce.

  • Machine Learning & Data Science on AWS


    This is our second joint meetup with AWS Chicago User Group. Matt Winkler (see his bio below) will conduct a deep dive into Amazon Web Services' SageMaker, which helps Data Scientists and Data Engineers develop ML models that meet a wide variety of use cases. While the tooling around Data Science is developing all the time, it can be challenging to implement processes around ML to realize its full potential. Event-driven architectures are one approach to managing these types of workloads. This talk illustrates applying an event-driven architecture using Sagemaker and AWS Lambda to automate many steps in the predictive process. Matt's experience as a Machine Learning consultant and in-house practitioner has helped him develop perspective on how to align business use cases to technology recommendations. A Data Scientist by training, Matt has developed a particular interest in exploring ways to automate predictive processes in cloud environments. With extensive experience working on Amazon Web Services, he's implemented numerous ML processes including the RandomCutForest and DeepAR models offered in AWS Sagemaker. When Matt's not deploying cloud infrastructure, he can be found walking his dog, Roscoe, around North Center or playing basketball at any number of gyms around the city. Please reach out to talk about technology or a friendly game of pick-up! Schedule: 5:30 - Welcome and pizza brought to you by CreditNinja 6:00 - Presentations 7:00 - Networking and delightful social exchange This event is hosted by CreditNinja.

  • Organizers Dinner

    New Line Tavern

    This event is for anyone who wants to help with organizational tasks for Chicago ML. Please note that we don't have a sponsor to pay for dinner, so if you attend plan on covering your own tab. We will meet in the seating area and not in the bar area. While New Line Tavern serves alcohol, this is not a drinks centered event. Many of will have soft drinks so please feel comfortable with whatever you prefer! Topics that we'll cover: - Event planning - Speaker recruiting - Website maintenance - Ongoing projects for community members - Use of GitHub to manage issues and content If you have a laptop handy, bring is along as we'll go through the specifics of using the GitHub site. NOTE: About half the poll responses expressed a preference for Tuesday - so we're leaving out a lot of folks who are interested in helping! We apologize for this. We are planning a second organizers' meeting in the next two weeks and give scheduling preference to those who can't make it on Monday.