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Calling all Mah Jong gplayers young and older, men and women, playing beginners to skilled!

We have a great group of welcoming people who play many styles of Mah Jongg. Currently, we have a majority who play the American style. However, our group is growing in those who play Hong Kong Style. Let's get together for a friendly game and good fun. Our mission is to bring players of all skill levels together in order to promote the fascinating game of Mah Jongg. However, knowing the basics is a must.

You may not know that most of the people in this Meetup didn’t know each other prior to attending. The best part about our Meetup is that it connects people from out of town with us and new residents looking for a new group in Chicago. We are a valuable resource for new residents to the city and specifically the Loop. Without Meetup, we wouldn’t be able to reach as many people as we do and we would not be able to support the community and welcome new players.

We'll meet once a week during the day on Friday's at Macy's the Cafeteria on the 7th floor and Thursday evening from 6 to 8 pm at Pinstripes. Check the calendar for exact details.

We are not accepting players who need lessons at this time. If you are here, you've already let me know that you know the basics and do not need a shadow. If you are interested in lessons, please reach out to me and I can forward you to a lessons start date.

Etiquette, House Rules, and FAQs (updated 10/7/2019)

We play American Style Mah-Jongg according to the National Mah-Jongg League Rules. This means that we break the wall and that we pick and discard tiles. http://www.NationalMahjonggLeague.org


Be nice and friendly- This is the basis of our group. Keep to the saying: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Taking a joker

Please ask for the joker. Do not place your hand on the other persons rack. Allow the player with the joker on their rack to exchange with your tile.

Giving Advice to another Player

Do not offer advice unless asked or you ask nicely. Unsolicited advice only comes across as how you think it should be done.

Don’t hurry a player with rude, demeaning, or snide comments. This will be considered unsportsmanlike behavior. Everyone was new once. Some people are fresh out of their lessons. That said, they know that the game has a pace and that they aren’t expected to be “speedy” but they shouldn’t take more than 15 to 30 seconds to make a decision. If you ever feel uncomfortable, please let me know, and I’ll speak with them.

House Rules

We play nice. No drama here. I hope that you too will enjoy the game and the company which is what has made our meetup so successful for the past 3 years.

No betting.

No illegal or unsavory materials. Please do not pass copyrighted materials. This is illegal and puts our group at risk.

Bringing Personal Games

Please don’t bring your game unless asked. This is to protect you and your game from breakage and any conflicts. If you do bring a game, you accept all problems that may arise. I supply multiple games just for this reason.

In the chance that I ask those who have a game to volunteer to bring theirs, don’t leave before the end of the Meetup. It puts an undue strain on the people who are staying the whole time. See if someone else who is staying for the whole event has a game first.

Be nice - This is the basis of our group. Keep to the saying: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Chatting is encouraged. The goal is fun! We encourage players to get to know each other. This is a game first remember. Sometimes chatting can interrupt the flow of a game. Please keep the flow of the game going and chat at the same time.

When you arrive, join up with those already in attendance and have a seat. If we have an odd amount, we play tables of three’s. This way, everyone gets to play consistently.

Reasons for expulsion from the group:

Yelling at anyone for any reason

Throwing tiles



And Unsportsmanlike conduct.

If this happens, you will be removed without notice.


Why is there a fee?

For many reasons. I incur costs for the Meetup. Not only for the web presence but time and effort and supplies. For example, writing this. At each event, I supply the games. Games cost around 100 dollars a piece and with that also comes risk. Tiles maybe lost or broken during the meetup this is also the case with plastic racks. This also protects you from any uncomfortable situations if a personal game is broken, chipped, or ruined. The other benefit is that I have extra cards and supplies. These are just a few examples. I could post more. If you would like more details, email me via Meetup. If we were playing at my home or in a home scenario, the whole dynamic would be different.

Thank you for being here!


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