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This Workshop is ideal for individuals with an interest in learning real-life experiences as a Medical Biller, Medical Coder or Medical Administrative duties from Subject Matter Experts, from an overview perspective, at no cost.

CFCHO offers a Medical Billing and Coding Professional training class for 4 months, at cost. And a certificate upon completion (MBCP). Thereafter, students will engage in CFCHO Internship program to gain hands-on experience and resources which aids in securing employment.

PLEASE NOTE: Previous medical billing and coding classes are NOT credited to CFCHO MBCP program.

Also for Medical Providers, Billing Managers, Coders, Billers or staff members working in a large or small physician practice, interested in learning skills to maximize revenue, denial management, coding and auditing to ensure all procedure codes are captured to increase revenue; or seeking CFCHO Medical Billing Internship, please contact us at info@cfchononprofit.org.

CFCHO also offers the below services at below market rate.

(a) Credentialing services for all payer types

(b) Revenue-cycle Management project/Streamlining and optimizing processes

(c) Revenue cycle Management Training (includes denial management and resolving appeals)

For any of the above services, please contact Linda@cfchononprofit.org.

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Learning Medical Billing Denial Management Techniques

Teaching the art of Denial Management. One has to be analytical using problem solving skills to be a successful Medical Biller and Coder. CFCHO Subject Matter Experts present real-life situations to understand how the insurance industry operates, importance of front desk operations, how to correct denied claims and teaches revenue-cycle management starts at the front desk not when a HCFA 1500 form is generated. Bring your thinking caps--questions--and take notes. For beginners, we have a trainer willing to work with you during our workshops. Also, CFCHO offers a more in-depth Medical Billing and Coding Professional Training class, for 4 months at cost. Please email [masked] for more information.

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CFCHO Medical Billing Workshop

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