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Chicago Weekly Sitting Meditation Group - 11/26
Everyone is welcome to join our weekly meditation on Monday evening at 7:00pm. All levels of experience are welcome. This group is great for people who have never meditated before and for those that have been meditating for years. The only prerequisite is a desire to meditate with others with a variety of experience levels in a supportive group setting. This group is open to all schools of thought and you are welcome regardless of your religious tradition—Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, atheist or agnostic. You are welcome if you have no label for your beliefs or do not wish to pursue anything other than a greater sense of peace, equanimity or physical health in your life. LOCATION: We meet at The Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in the second floor Passavant Room. Holy Trinity is conveniently located three blocks west of Chicago's Wrigley Field at 1218 West Addison Street. Please enter through the door on Magnolia Street. There are two doors; please use the door furthest north that says 3609 above it. PARKING: After 6:00 p.m. neighborhood permits (383) are needed. We have permits available thanks to meditators who live in the 383 neighborhood-parking zone. You can buy a permit for $1.00. We note when the Cubs play at home because parking is a bit more challenging on those evenings, but not impossible! PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: Red Line Addison stop at Wrigley Field; walk west to the church. Brown Line Southport stop; walk north to Addison and east to the church. #9 Ashland/Addison bus stop; walk east to the church. #152 Addison/Racine bus stop is 1/4 block east and Addison/Lakewood stop is 1/2 block west of the church. #22 Clark/Addison bus stop is 2 blocks east of the church. FORMAT: • We begin the evening with a "centering" practice and a brief group introduction. • Next, the organizer goes over some brief instructions. • Then we begin two 15-minute meditation sessions. A bell will ring after the first 15-minutes and again at the end of 30-minutes. Usually, we do a 10-minute walking meditation which you can participate in as you are able. There will be a brief reading from a selected book and discussion until about 8:45. • The session typically lasts 90 minutes. SUGGESTED DONATION: The fee for each session is a $1 suggested donation to cover the fee, parking permits and space costs. We are responsible to pay a generously reduced rent to Holy Trinity, our usual home for meditation. Please be mindful that heat, air conditioning, lights and janitorial services come with costs. When you can practice generosity for the gift we have been given, it is greatly appreciated.

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

1218 W Addison St · Chicago, IL


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Welcome Meditators of All Schools & Experience Levels!

The purpose of this group, as the Buddha said, is to seek out "wise and beneficial friends" who support us and our Meditation practice. We are a group of beginning and advanced meditators, extending an open invitation to anyone seeking to develop a meditation practice that is an integral part of a caring/care-full relationship to oneself and the world.

All teachers agree: The key to a successful meditation practice is regular practice. The development of Wisdom through regular meditation practice can lead to a decrease of "suffering" as well as an increase in Inner Peace and Compassion for oneself and others. This group is open to people who realize the benefits of meditating together and want to make a dedicated effort to sustain a once-weekly sitting meditation (with instruction, as needed). Most weeks, a reading with brief discussion and mingling follows.

This group is open to all schools of thought, meditation formats and experience levels. People of any religious tradition—Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, atheist, agnostic or without label for their spirituality—are welcome. People of all ethnicities, gender, sexual orientation and country of origin are welcome! We strive to lead lives guided by ethical commitments as set forth by the eightfold path articulated in Buddhist tradition while recognizing our unity with those from all the great spiritual traditions of the World.

Please join us, you are most welcome.

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