What we're about

This meetup group is geared towards social activities. We aren’t exactly your type A extroverts, in fact we’re more of a nerd/geek-ish. However, we're an inclusive but very active bunch of 20-30 year olds. We’re looking to host a wide variety of events. Some of them being the standard bar meetup, some sporting related, and some board game related. We aren’t interested in building a clique, our mission is to be a social conduit in which people meet each other.

Are we a dating service? Nope.

New to the city? That’s ok! We’re here to help. We were all new here at some point. Even the the natives were.

I have no friends! [See “Never Been to a Meetup?”]

Never been to a meetup? Great! We’re going to introduce you to 5 new friends by the end of the event.

This group is being lead by individuals with more than a decade of combined experienced with getting people together and hanging out. All of the leaders have taken our experience from hosting meetups with the reddit group and now we feel that we can bring our experience to more people via this group.

Members can expect professionally organized events across the city that are easy to sign up for and fun to attend. In return we expect our members to take an active role in making suggestions for fun and exciting activities, and to participate in the events.

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