What we're about

This group has, come together, to provide you a time and place to, practice your skills in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). Conversation and interaction can be rather fast paced, especially in a group of 4+ individuals. With so many people communicating it's not easy to, practice matching/mirroring and assess eye accessing cues. This group will create meetups so that members can, achieve conscious competence in all skills/habits NLP. (We ask that you, educate yourself inside and outside, of the meetup, based on what, you're learning)
Each meetup will, focus on one aspect of NLP at a time.
This is a rough outline of the group's content:
-Understand yourself and your Internal Representational System
-Create Well-Formed Outcomes (For the members to, establish a goal for yourself, focus on what you're seeking to achieve, in the group)
-Elicit another's Representational system (Lead and Primary)
-Attain and maintain Rapport (Develop Sensory Acuity; Pacing; Mirroring/Matching)
-Learn how to Frame and Re-frame (Scenarios when such frames would be useful)
-Practice State Management (Understanding, Awareness, Alteration, and Utilization)
-Understand Meta-Model Violations (Using our everyday language to create a script from which other's can assess and use the Meta Model)
-Utilize the Milton Model (Practice with hypnotic suggestions)


I wanted to UPDATE the ABOUT US page for newcomers and members alike.

I wanted to share my overall plan, and where we are with it.

I have a lot of plans for the future of this group and my practice.

I have 5 workshops total set up that I want to run monthly.

I have 2 x 4 week classes focused on NLP; One is focused on the self; the other focused on Coaching (others)

After 2-3 physical runs of the workshops - I will bring them online for virtual audiences.

By October - Look out for a Virtual version of the Second Sunday Self Hypnosis from 5pm-7pm CT via ZOOM

ALSO! Look out for the Anti-Anxiety toolkit workshop coming soon.

Lastly! I am finalizing my first 4-week NLP course that is focused on the self. Keep a lookout for that as well. Thank you everyone! I look forward to hearing from you!

Past events (17)

Second Sunday Self Hypnosis Workshop

Garrett Hypnosis & Wellness Center

Second Sunday Self Hypnosis Workshop

Garrett Hypnosis & Wellness Center

Second Sunday Self Hypnosis Workshop

Garrett Hypnosis & Wellness Center

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