What we're about

We are a social group of people who benefit from getting together to talk face to face about where we're at in our lives and where we wanna go and how we're gonna get there! This is a space to begin to speak your s*** into existence, to track your progress, to find an accountability buddy if you want, or to just observe how others are processing their own "journeys."

The flowery version:

We have gyms, we have jobs, we have commitments and deadlines, we have relationships, we have problems, we have the city, we have ourselves. I aim to create a monthly social space for individuals to come together to engage in where they're at and where they want to take themselves. Whether it's a way you are in the world you don't like anymore, a job you want to be better at, a friend you want to appreciate more, a financial goal you want to hit, a travel itch you want to scratch - all fair game.

At its core, this group is as simple as that. It's not therapy, it's not group therapy, it's not life coaching, it's not hanging out: it's people in a space touching base with their personal development. The person sitting next to you will likely not be an expert in procrastination tips or anything else you've brought to the table. I am not an expert in psychology or in personal improvement, I don't run a business, and I'm figuring it all out too. I just happen to have figured out that the craft of personal development is an unequivocal source of enthusiasm for me, and I'm very excited to extend that passion outside of myself.

In practice, sessions will involve us filling out worksheets or a resonant tangible guide I've made, including visualizations and/or verbal prompts to help us organize and share what's in our brains and guide us in productive discussion. My educated guess is that focusing on ourselves in this intentional a way and in this social a setting will be acutely beneficial and quite fun. My aim is to facilitate and utilize the magic of community so that you will leave each session feeling clearer, more connected, and more empowered.

All gender identities are welcome. We're here to be our (best) selves, after all.

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