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Welcome to Chicago Photographers & Models Meetup group!

The purpose of our group is to build portfolios through meetups, network, grow through workshops, share & learn photography techniques, lighting, posing, and most importantly to grow into better Models, Photographers & Makeup Artists.

We have weekly photo sessions at various locations as well as a larger workshop/training & portfolio building sessions which are held once a month.

Whether a beginner or seasoned pro, you'll find something in our group to interest you. Our Meetup group features:

• Weekly & Monthly Photo outings & events

• Members-only Photo galleries

• A highly informative discussion forum

• Exclusive Locations (this includes locations where permits are required - the permits in those locations will be included in the RSVP)

• Contracted, Premium Featured Models at each shoot.

• Onsite Contracted Hair & Makeup Artist will be included with every shoot for our models. (Included in your RSVP)

• Access to Online Webinars

• Onsite Coaching for Photographers & Models

• No additional cost for weekly meetups

• Large Workshops will now only cost $50

• Non-Members Cost to Join a Weekly Shoot: $25 per shoot

Join our sessions TODAY and take your photography, modeling and makeup artistry to new and exciting heights!

Terms & Conditions of Membership

Membership is subject to Terms & Conditions below. Please read Terms & Conditions before joining. When you join this group or any related event you are stipulating, signifying and acknowledging that you have read, fully understand, accept and agree to these Terms & Conditions without reservation or qualification.

Monthly Membership Fee: $15

3 Strikes Rule - If you RSVP for an event and cancel within 24 hours of the event the following actions will be taken: 1st Offense - Warning, 2nd Offense- Probationary Warning, 3rd Offense - Termination of Membership

Weekly Meetup Fee (Photographers) $0

Photographers will have access to models from all over the Chicagoland area to shoot with and practice their craft. Photographers will give models and MUAs’ access to the captured images and both photographers MUAs’, and models will be able to use the images for their portfolios

Weekly Meetup Fee (Models) $0

Models will have access to photographers from all over the Chicagoland area to shoot with and practice their craft. Models will receive images from the shoot to use in their portfolio.

Weekly Meetup Fee (HMUA) $0

We do not charge Make Up artist in exchange for their services which would include makeup for our models. MUAs’ will receive images from the shoot to use in their portfolio.

Large Workshop Fee: $50

Photographers & Models will receive exclusive training from trained, professional photographers & models, get expert advice from vendors, as well as opportunities to shoot and practice their craft at exclusive locations.

Why do we have a monthly subscription/dues?

Our fees offset the cost of exclusive locations for Workshops & Meetups (i.e. Hotels, Studios, Wedding Venues, etc) as well as for accommodations including food and beverages.


1. Models, Please RSVP for the shoot ONLY if you are ready to sign the Model Release form for the photographers to share the edited & unedited images in social media & websites.

2. BE PROFESSIONAL - If you signup for a shoot, please be present without fail. If you cannot make it please update the group ASAP. Continuous NO SHOW leads to termination from the group.


1. UPLOAD PICTURES - Photographers should upload the pictures to meetup with in couple of weeks and shared with the models who you worked with. Please do not watermark your images.

2. CLOSE-UPS for Makeup artists - Please try to do some close up shots for Makeup artists to use it on their portfolio.

3. BE CONSIDERATE - We all depend on each other to produce the best work we can. Your decisions will affect colleagues, and you should take those consequences into account when making decisions.

2. BE RESPECTFUL -We won't all agree all the time, but disagreement is no excuse for disrespectful behavior. We will all experience frustration from time to time, but we cannot allow that frustration become personal attacks. An environment where people feel uncomfortable or threatened is not a productive or creative one.

Disclaimer & Liability Waiver

You understand, accept, agree and acknowledge that all activities undertaken by the group, including, but not limited to, photo meetups, walks, workshops, social events and travel (hereinafter collectively "event" or "events") are undertaken with the understanding that you are solely responsible for yourself, your property, and your guests. You are expected to conduct yourself in a respectful and polite manner with regard to fellow members and others around you and to follow instructions and stay with the group and to respect public and private property, meaning taking no action to trespass or damage property, knowingly or unknowingly. When you join any event, you affirm that you are of legal age to do so on your own behalf (and on behalf of those in your care) and that you (and they) are physically fit to participate in the event, and you accept and acknowledge and understand that there is always a chance of personal injury or illness, or theft or loss of or damage to personal property, and you release, discharge and save harmless organizers, event hosts, event leaders, event guides and those acting on their behalf and property owners/managers and the Meetup organization (hereinafter collectively "Organizer/Host" or "Host/Organizer" or Companies, Agencies or Organizations) from any and all liability and claims, past, present and future, involving any incident, damage, loss, theft, illness, injury or accident, even leading to fatal consequences, even if caused by negligence or an act of omission on the part of the Organizer/Host or others that may occur at any venue or event or en route to or leaving/away from any venue or event. You further acknowledge and accept responsibility and liability for any damage you may cause to any venue or property, whether caused by you personally or by your guests.

RSVPs, Change of Venue/Date/Time, Timely Departures, Cancelled Events

You are expected to be on time and to notify the Organizer/Host in a timely fashion if you are running late or have changed your plans and will not be attending. You understand, accept, agree and acknowledge that the Organizer/Host is not responsible for delays or cancellations that may prove an inconvenience to you or for starting an event in your absence, should you be late. You further understand, accept, agree and acknowledge that venues/dates/times may be changed or cancelled at the Organizer/Host's discretion without your prior approval or consent. Should this occur, an email will be sent out to members, giving notice of such changes, but you are responsible to subscribe to organizer emails so that you receive this information in a timely manner. The host/organizer is not responsible for any failure to communicate such changes to you or for your failure to receive such notification.

Posts, Photos/Video and Privacy

You understand, accept, agree and acknowledge that photographs or video may be taken of you or your guests and that these photos/videos may be posted on our Meetup site or the group's Facebook page or other social media, but you do have the right to request removal of such posts if you feel they invade your privacy or for whatever reason and it is your obligation to notify the Organizer in writing to such effect. You are solely responsible and liable for any and all material that you post or share. You release, discharge and save harmless the Organizer/Host and Meetup from any and all claims and liability, past, present and future, involving you and your guests in any posts shared by the Organizer/Host, members, their guests, or third parties or which you may post.

Photo Shares

Absolutely no shared photos, shared illustrations or other shared artwork may be posted on our site without the expressed permission of the photographer/illustrator/artist who created them and without a proper credit line acknowledging the source and creator/originator of the material. Such sharing constitutes a violation of a person's right of property and copyright infringement, whether on legal, ethical or moral grounds. A shared photo, shared illustration and shared artwork is defined as any material sourced from or created by sources/creators other than yourself. Such photos will be removed without further explanation. Repeated offenses subject the member to removal from the group, at the Organizer's discretion.

Cause for Removal from Group

The Organizer reserves the right to remove from the group "no-shows" (those who fail to show up for a planned event or to notify the Organizer/Host in a timely fashion of their planned or unplanned absence or who fail to offer a reasonable explanation for such absence) or those who act contrary to the aims or moral character or social norms of the group or who otherwise conduct themselves in a manner which the Organizer/Host, in his/her discretion, deems rude or offensive or otherwise objectionable or who post material deemed objectionable or in poor taste or contrary to societal mores or Meetup as a whole or which action constitutes infringement or potential infringement on the right of property and copyright or a violation or potential violation of the right of privacy, whether on legal, ethical or moral grounds, on our Meetup site or the group's Facebook page, without further explanation and, where applicable, without refund of dues or other monetary contributions.

The Organizer further reserves the right to remove any member at any time or to refuse membership without explanation or obligation. Where applicable, failure to pay membership dues after the trial period may subject the member to removal, at the Organizer's discretion.

The Organizer reserves the right to update, change or add to these Terms & Conditions without prior notice or consent. Where applicable, Meetup terms and conditions otherwise apply.

Thanks for joining the group & Expecting your support to make it Successful!

Welcome again & Lets Start Shooting!

Please feel free to come up with ideas/theme/locations for future shoots…

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