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Product Boxes and Landing Pages

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For this meetup, we'll try to do 2 experiments: a serious game and a landing page test.

Serious Game

Get ready to play an Innovation Game all-time favorite : Product Box! I'll be facilitating this game for an early-stage startup. Our goal will be to learn customers' ideal product and benefits - straight from customers' own mouths (with a lot of help from psychological projection).

If you have this goal for your product too, and would like to get some benefit from the game, please contact me. We may be able to set up another Product Box session in a different room.

The customer group we are recruiting: personal coaches. If anyone knows a lifestyle coach, please put me in touch with them! Without them, we can't play this game!

Lean Landing Page

The eagle has landing paged. We will diagnose & improve a landing page for a lean startup that wants to seek funding based on the validation they get from this experiment. We'll come up with some versions for them to run, and have them report back the results.

Look forward to practicing with you fools on the 1st!