What we're about

This is a non -profit group for people interested in quantum computing in the Chicago Area and its suburbs. The group is open to all but It is geared toward mainly Researchers, Engineers , Physicists and Software developers covering topics in Quantum Hardware/Devices, Quantum software, mathematics , physics , Quantum information , Quantum security & Cryptography, machine learning, optimization, chemistry and application towards industry. This group will acts as a forum and will have presentations. We welcome anyone interested in presenting topic(s) in the above areas . Apart from the above topics ,talks can be about new product releases, company introductions , Quantum computing related career opportunities and other topics related to quantum computing or information .

The presentation are of three types :

1. Entanglement talks (1-2 hrs):

• Introductory talks about a Quantum Computing company and/or a startup company in the area of quantum computing (who , what , where, why )

• High Level talks for general public without too much math formulas, algorithm etc

• New products , Job Postings , recruitment

2. Tunneling talks (1-2 hrs):

• Talks covering a particular topic in depth , recent research publication, new software , recent upgrades to hardware and approaches related to quantum computing and information etc.

3. Superposition sessions (1-8 hrs):

• These sessions are training\workshop sessions , sessions related to online courses etc

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