• ReasonML Monthly Meetup - Learn What's New! (Speakers Wanted!)

    ReasonML & Reason React is how the creator of React originally envisioned the library to look like. Join us every month to learn about how you can improve your ReactJS / JavaScript project with Reason. We're always interested in speakers. Please don't hesitate to reach out 😃

  • ReasonML Hack Night (Call for Speakers)

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    Draftbit has a new HQ! Were also looking for a speaker! Come check out the new space and talk Reason with us

  • Ken Wheeler - React Native & ReasonML


    Ken Wheeler will be giving a talk on React Native & ReasonML. Come hang out, ask questions and learn more!

  • ReasonML Night - Come Learn!

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  • Relit: Typed Literal Macros for Reason, presented by Cyrus Omar

    Chicago FP is hosting a great meetup and has invited us to join. Below I have conveniently placed Andy's great description of the event. As mentioned below this event will require full names to gain access to the building so if your Meetup profile doesn't use your full name please answer the provided question with that or direct message me. As always our Code of Conduct can be found here (https://www.meetup.com/Chicago-ReasonML/pages/25253072/Code_of_Conduct/) and inclusion is a top priority for us. Description from Chicago FP: ---- https://www.meetup.com/Chicago-Functional-Programming-Meetup/events/255760053/ Reason (https://reasonml.github.io/) is an increasingly popular alternative syntax for OCaml designed by engineers at Facebook to make OCaml more notationally comfortable for contemporary programmers. However, Reason, following OCaml, builds in literal notation for only a few common data structures, e.g. list literals like [x, y, z], array literals like [|x, y, z|], and JSX literals, which support an extension of HTML notation. This approach is unsatisfying because there are many other possible data structures for which literal notation might be useful, e.g. for finite maps, regular expressions, SQL queries, syntax tree representations, and chemical structures expressed using SMILES notation, to name just a few possibilities. In an ICFP 2018 paper (https://github.com/cyrus-/ptsms-paper/raw/master/icfp18/omar-icfp18-final.pdf), Cyrus and his co-author Jonathan Aldrich address this problem by introducing typed literal macros (TLMs) into Reason, by way of Relit (https://github.com/cyrus-/relit). TLMs allow the programmer to define new literal notation, of nearly arbitrary design, for expressions and patterns of any type at all. Cyrus Omar got his PhD in programming languages from Carnegie Mellon University in May 2017. He is now a post-doctoral researcher at The University of Chicago, where he leads the Hazel (http://hazel.org/) collaboration. In a past life, Cyrus was a computational neurobiologist. That experience motivated him to switch fields and focus on designing a better front-end programming experience for scientists, engineers, artists and other skilled end-users, rooted in the principles in type theory and interaction design. This meetup will be held jointly with the Chicago ReasonML group (https://www.meetup.com/Chicago-ReasonML/). Thank you to McKinsey, who has generously offered to host this joint meetup. Please note that building security requires full names to provide access to the office floors. If your Meetup profile does not include your full name, please send me a private message or email with your full name and I'll make sure it's included on the attendee list.

  • Hacknight at Hashrocket


    Are you interested in learning about Reason, but haven’t had a chance to dabble yet? Are you already an expert but want to meet some fellow enthusiasts? Come to Hashrocket to make friends, learn about Reason, and write some awesome code. This hacknight will be great for all levels of experience with Reason. We will have folks around to help assist newcomers if you are just coming to dip your toes into Reason. There will also be beer, pizza, and La Croix. As always our Code of Conduct can be found here (https://www.meetup.com/Chicago-ReasonML/pages/25253072/Code_of_Conduct/) and inclusion is a top priority for us.

  • ReasonML 2018 Kick off and Introduction

    Pandera Labs

    Join us on February 8th at Pandera Labs for our first event of 2018! What: Why ReasonML and what some ReasonML projects look like. Come ready to meet some cool people and have some great informal discussions. Call for Speakers and Hosts: We are always open for speakers so if you have a topic in mind or are using ReasonML for a project we would love to have you tell the group about it. We are also looking for event hosts so please reach out if you'd like to have a ReasonML meet up at your company or event space. Please answer the RSVP question with your full, legal name. This is a building security requirement. If you are uncomfortable giving your full name for any reason you can message me directly and I will get you on the security list. Our Code of Conduct can be viewed here: http://bit.ly/2DfBAec

  • Kick Start: What is ReasonML and Why Should I Use It?

    Let's kick off our first ReasonML meetup by helping everyone understand what ReasonML is and how we can get started! We'll start with a little meet and greet and then jump into a small presentation for why ReasonML is awesome!