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This is a group for everyone interested in cbd/cannabis, marijuana education and cannabis industry adventures to bring people together to learn about Plant Based CBD derived from industrial HEMP for health, wellness, fitness, self-care, and caregiving. Let’s keep updated on the laws regarding marijuana and hear from experts in the industry,

Canna help you is a group of like minded and curious ppl who come together to experience events about legal cannabis. We will attend everything from dinners to conventions to showcases with canna vendors. Let’s experience a selection of the best products and services Chicagoland has to offer about CBD companies, distributors, culinary experts, cannabis accessories, wellness and beauty products, edibles and more. Let’s attend events that help to ease your busy lifestyle and nourish your mind, body, and spirit.
Cannabis Industry professionals will educate and share information about social equity that will elevate your understanding of what’s safe and legally available. Through our events, you will learn more about the amazing benefits of plant-based CBD derived from industrial hemp, demo’s to create your very own canna dinner with legal hemp and much more.

The cannabis industry has made remarkable strides and it’s our desire to help shape the cannabis landscape in the Chicago area and create buzz and excitement about medical and adult-use. Recreational marijuana will be legal in 2020. Until then, we have a very powerful supplement, Cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabis extract legal in all 50 states and is proven to have calming and stress-relieving effects, among other positive health benefits for a variety of medical and social conditions. Let’s experience the magic of the events Chicago has to offer legally in the cannabis industry.

Adults 21 and over only.

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