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Meet new people in our Nov-Dec coed social leagues! Join solo or with friends!
When the colder months arrive in Chicago, you've gotta have a fun weekly activity to break up the week that keeps you active, social and meeting new people instead of stuck at home. And these leagues that I've been running for 9 years are THE BEST way to do this while truly getting to know new people because you hang out with the same group of players week after week during the 5-7 week season. It starts at games but then continues as we mix and mingle over drinks all together after playing at a bar near where we play and we take over the place. Over 50,000 past players (yeah that many haha) have had a blast! You can be a part of these indoor seasons for just $25-$70 too! FULL DETAILS & REGISTRATION INFO: ALL skill levels are welcome as I only offer coed recreational leagues (i.e. no experience required). It's also really great that we always have friendly, outgoing people joining for the same reasons you are! Teams are made for anyone aged 21-42. Simply register by yourself or with friends and we'll put you with others around your age for the season. Many leagues have a pre-season meet your team event too! Gotta miss a week or two? No problem! We always put extra players on every team to cover for ya if you can't make it. ******Meetup members and your friends SAVE $20 off individual player fees with promo code 'MeetupHookup'****** Not valid on trivia ($25) or singles skeeball ($45) which are cheap for all. I look forward to meeting you at games! Cheers, Ben ******************************************* LEAGUES INCLUDE: - 5-7 Week Season (varies by league) - Meet Your Team Pre-Season Initial Event! (for many leagues) - We buy your team some beer each week! (in most leagues) - Team player shirts in your own sizes! (in many leagues) - Exclusive food and drink specials we worked out at your sponsor bar! - Teams get split up into multiple divisions based on records for playoffs so equally skilled teams play each other in the end. And the winner of EACH division gets a team party prize! - We plan events during and after the season too! ___________________________________________________________________________ FULL DETAILS & REGISTRATION INFO: ******Meetup members and your friends SAVE $20 off individual player fees with promo code 'MeetupHookup'****** Get discounted league fees for full teams! New groups of 3+ also get an additional hook up! Email [masked] to register your team with a small deposit or your group at reduced league fees. __________________________________________________________________________ I hope you let me show you what makes the S3 Simply Social League experience so great. I promise it'll be a unique experience unlike anything you've ever been a part of :) Cheers, Ben

Leagues played at various locations in Chicago and all start in early November. See league specifics for details.

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Chicago Social Events will be putting together tons of events for 20-30 somethings that focus on one thing: Meeting people and having fun. Well, that's kind of two things...Our group will live by the motto "A good time is all about who you share it with". I've been putting up our events in other Meetup groups for the past several months and have seen amazing turnouts with such great people, so now it just makes sense to create my own!

We'll be organizing groups to do things like happy hours, trivia nights, visit museums, go to comedy shows, plan trolley crawls, wine tastings, tournaments, play in rec sports leagues and more! Does this sound like every other group on Meetup? Well it's definitely similar, but I'm really good at getting good deals for everyone and coming up with unique events that have recently been bringing out large groups of people that simply want to get out more and meet others. So if you're fresh in town (welcome!), are looking to make some new friends, and/or simply just want to spice things up and do something other than sitting in a bar with the same ol' folks, we're gonna be that spice.

I also run S3 Simply Social Sports Leagues (, which offers THE BEST coed rec sports leagues in the city. Sure I'm biased, but the sweet thing is they really are amazing. These leagues allow you to join by yourself or with friends and we create teams by age group for anyone aged 21-42, with post-game festivities at a near-by bar. These leagues welcome all skill levels. Rather than a one time event, these leagues last 5-8 weeks and allow you to foster stronger relationships as you come together every week during the season. Being new to town myself years ago, I made all my best friends by joining a coed softball team. I knew I could make it better, and now many years later with tens of thousands of past alum, tons of new friends made, couples formed, and several marriages! Sometimes the best connections come from simply expanding your social circle and getting out more. This is our goal, and we're excited to see you at an event or league!

Cheers, Ben

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