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“You'll see it, when you believe it.” —Wayne Dyer.

Are you interested in metaphysical energies and manifesting your own future? Raising your energy vibration? Connecting to your guides and higher-self to create a more loving existence? Do you want to surround yourself with like-minded, soul-centered people?

All are welcome. This is an open-minded, laid-back, non-intimidating group for all beliefs and paths and where you are free to be yourself. And if Wayne, Doreen, Esther, Echkhart, Deepak, Louise, Cheryl or Marianne are amongst your consciousness, you’ll feel right at home :-)

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Online Discussion - Avatars and Apparitions

Online event

Hi Everyone,
I hope everyone is enjoying the final few weeks of summer. Personally I'm looking forward to temperatures cooling down a little bit.

For our next online discussion let's talk about avatars and apparitions.

Avatars, or material appearances of the divine, are an important part of many spiritual traditions. The Hindu god Vishnu is said to appear via multiple avatars, Krishna being the most well-known. Also the Virgin Mary has appeared to many devotees over the centuries. Many interesting details, including miracles and prophecies, have been recorded regarding apparitions such as Our Lady of Lourdes.

Do any of you have experience with an avatar? Please join us. I would love to hear about your experience.

As a thought starter here is a short clip (approx. 5 mins) about an avatar intervention. Mahavatar Babaji is an avatar whose appearances have been reported by many over the years. Many of the accounts are fascinating and this one is no exception.


Looking forward to seeing everyone!


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