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## Talk description

At a glance, React and Vue are like two peas in a pod. They are lightweight component-based libraries for building user interfaces and can be used fairly interchangeably to build scalable web applications. Though they are noticeably different in terms of syntax, their key differences lie in their respective ways of thinking. As a React developer learning Vue, adapting to the “Vue way of doing things” is a challenge that requires a sound understanding of the philosophy behind Vue. In this talk, we will examine the nuances between the two frameworks and cover common mistakes that React developers make when switching from React to Vue.

## About the speaker

Divya is a web developer who is passionate about open source and good documentation. She most recently made the switch from React to Vue and has slowly but surely grown to enjoy the Vue. You will most likely find her in the sunniest spot in the room with a cup of tea in hand and puns on hand.