Open Woman Within Circle (formerly E-Circle) - Chicago (Hyde Park)

Chicago Woman Within Community
Chicago Woman Within Community
Public group

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A nurturing and supportive space for all who identify as women to continue on their paths of healing and self-discovery. Experience the strength and compassion of women coming together.

The purpose of this meeting is to introduce women to the Woman Within Community, support women who might not have a circle or have not completed the circle training, and provide a place where experienced community members can support these women and receive support themselves. This meeting is open to all women 18 years or older.

The meeting location is in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago. You will be sent the address when you RSVP. Please make sure you message security setting is set at a level where you can receive messages from me. Free street parking is available.

Please arrive between 6:45 and 7pm. We will start our meeting at 7pm. This circle will end promptly at 9 pm. Please plan to stay for entire time.

Please note, especially folks with pet allergies, we share our home with one cat, who will be sequestered during the circle meeting.


Woman Within Circles (formerly empowerment circles) are circles formed to empower each other in our lives. Every woman has a choice as to how she wants to live her life. She can sit back, wait for what she wants, complain when it doesn't happen and give up. OR . . .she can stand up for what she wants and find a way to make it happen for herself.

She can be a victim. OR . . .she can be a co-creator of her life. Empowerment is about standing up for what you want in your life, having a dream, making it happen and holding your power in the world.

Remember the test of character isn't what happens when life is flowing with ease. Your character emerges when you are challenged.

In conflict, intimacy can deepen if you don't give up and walk away.

In pain, strength can emerge if you look for the gifts.

In grief, you can find many blessings if you choose to look hard enough.

In fear, you can find tremendous courage and a willingness to be alive, if you allow yourself to move through it.

Sheri Zuccato 2003