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What we’re about

Xamarin provides a Mono framework for iOS and Android, with c# wrappers for the native iOS and Android APIs. This allows development of truly native apps for both iPhone and Android Using C#/.Net. Xamarin can by fully integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio, allowing development of apps for iPhone, Android and Windows phone in a single environment and using significant common code.

Speakers will present on topics such as Introduction to Xamarin, Cross Platform Architectures, Setting up Cross Platform Development Projects, Using Portable Class Libraries, MVVM Cross, Cross Platform Push Messaging, Universal Apps, Hybrid Apps, Data Security and Using Cloud based services to name a few. Some presentations will be fairly introductory, however most will focus on the needs of developers and tackle real development issues with worked code samples.

Of course there will also be plenty of opportunity to network as well.

Being platform agnostic, we welcome cooperation with other Mobile centric and .Net Groups.