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Welcome to the Official Meetup for Chicago eSports & Gaming!!!

Who is Chicago eSports & Gaming?

We are a community of esports and gaming enthusiast located in the Chicagoland area that want to be a catalyst for esports awareness and opportunities.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about the world of esports and competitive gaming, join us!

What are eSports?

"It is not if, but when will esports become the most popular sport in the world"

You probably still call them video games - but some now go by the formal title of eSports. This? It's a mammoth global obsession with audiences bigger than most 'mainstream' pursuits, except most are blind to it. There are expert coaches, rigorous training programs, grueling practice sessions and intense post-game analysis. Aspirants join leagues, try out for professional teams and after lots of practice, make it to the tournament circuit.

Why join the CEG Meetup?

The Chicago eSports & Gaming Meetup is a diverse group of gaming enthusiast who come together in a social environment to share their interest and learn more about the world of eSports and competitive video gaming. If you play, watch, or are just interested in learning more about eSports, join our group! We will have regular meetups where our members can participate in specialized learning, panel discussions, a chance to play in LAN tournaments, live viewing of eSports events, domestic/international travel to eSports events and conferences, Meet the Pros, become involved in the greater eSports community and much more!

Past events (31)

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DePaul University - Wintrust Arena

Chicago Esports is going to...F2 Con 2018

Wilma Rudolph Event Center

CEG Presents...Road To The Pros: Streaming Edition

Microsoft Store, Woodfield Mall

Frosty Faustings X

Clarion Inn & Waterford Conference Center

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