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What we’re about

Have an idea for a meetup, feel free to make a suggestion. Or Just let us know and we'll handle the mechanics for you.

Science fiction, fantasy and speculative fiction fans getting together to have fun!
Isaac Asimov, Harry Potter, Dr. Who, Pern, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Battlestar Galactica, Valdemar, Star Wars... the list of our interests and enthusiasms goes on and on.
Come join us at our monthly social at Dave and Busters to meet fans from all over Chicago and suburbs who have equally wide-ranging interests.
Order off the menu, pay before you leave and have fun!

Our focus is relaxed socializing. We have a monthly social at Dave and Buster's on Clark, a monthly book discussion group in Oak Park and generally organize a movie outing when important new cinematic works (the new Harry Potter, Star Trek, Terminator, etc) are released. We also host a yearly party at WindyCon and lots of us attend Capricon, Duckon and WindyCon. Indeed some really dedicated members do a lot of work for those cons!
At the monthly social we regularly see 40+ attendees who enjoy books, movies, manga, gaming, and many other aspects of speculative fiction too numerous to list.
We also organize trips to Great America, bowling outings, museums, picnics and other fun events, because things are just more entertaining when you are with other fans!  

We have a facebook page, so feel free to say hi!

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