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Chicago Blogs April Meetup

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Sorry if this sends more than one email. I swear I will get this system down by the third try. After all we are all here to cut down the learning curve on this social media, blogging, website creation, etc...

This time around I'd like to suggest an agenda.

First 20 minutes: Meet new members, get settled

Next 40 mins will be focused on determining a set of task oriented events for future meetups. I think it would be useful to use this time to make separate sheets to define each category or type of event, i.e. writing session, twitter session, SEO, and future workshops.

The last hour I'd like to dig into connecting the group. So if we can make sure there will be at least a couple of laptops there, we can connect everyone via twitter, facebook, and our blogs so that we are really connecting the community.

Let me know your thoughts, or if you have anything specific you'd like to bring up to the group.

I appreciate all of you. Your membership means a lot, and I am determined to make this group one of the most valuable Meetups out there.