Mapping 101: the basics of GIS


We've talked about mapping. We've seen a lot of mapping. Now let's learn how to do it! Josh Kalov is a consultant to the Smart Chicago Collaborative (, and he runs the Cook County Open Data project. He also does all sorts of data projects from his perch at Kalov Strategies.

I sat in on his session on mapping at the Chicago School of Data ( weekend gathering in September. The breadth of options for mapping, even at (especially at) the non-technical level blew me away. So, to that end:

• Josh will go through a Mapping 101 using a variety of tools

• I will talk about how to use Excel for mapping (look up Power Map ( if you want to cheat and look ahead)

• We may be able to talk member Dennis McClendon to talk a bit about what it is like to be an actual cartographer in the 21st century

Please use your full name in the RSVP so that I can get you into the Aon Center without any hassles.