School Days: CPS Data


Education systems are a foundational component of urban life. So it is not surprising that we have had a lot of interest in Chicago Public Schools data. Join us on November 4th as we explore what CPS data is out there, how it is used, and what are the results of projects that leverage it. We are incredibly fortunate to have the slate of speakers that we have brought together. We will have three experts discussing CPS data, including:

• John DiCello: John is the Director of Data Solutions for CPS, where he has served for over 7 years. John will talk about data-driven initiatives out of CPS that are being used today, as well as some projects that they are working on to support the future of our schools.

• Josh Kalov: CCDUG member Josh Kalov is well known for his work with county data and data visualizations. He became a focal point in the civic tech community with his work around school cuts data, which he will discuss. He will also discuss his more recent budget and school utilization visualizations.

• Tom Bunting: Tom is a Data Associate with Ingenuity. Ingenuity is the only organization out there collecting and tracking data on arts instruction within CPS. They combine that data with data around arts institutions in and around the neighborhoods to bring arts education back to the schools in an integrated way.

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