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What we’re about

With more than 260 members, the Greater Chicago Dutch Language Meetup is the largest Netherlands and Belgium-oriented club in the Midwest. This is not a trivial fact as we were founded only in 2009. We took Chicagoland and the Midwest by storm. We appreciate your trust, excitement, attendance, and assistance every step of the way!

We have held more than 60 meetups for Dutch, Belgian, Dutch Caribbean, Suriname, Indonesian, and American natives with interests in the Dutch/Flemish language and associated cultures. Most of our meetings were in Chicago and suburbs, others were held elsewhere in Illinois, in Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Amsterdam!

We've met at restaurants, pubs, private homes, concerts, street fairs, forest preserves, parks, and on the beach. Members traveled from as far as Indianapolis, Madison, Milwaukee, and Rockford to be with our club. By offering depth and substance, combined with community and warmth, we keep growing in membership and attendance!

Most members seize the opportunity to speak their native language or the language they are learning, yet the Greater Chicago Dutch Language Meetup Group is extremely accommodating to anyone who takes interest in anything Dutch and members will be happy to speak English with you!

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors (on the left) we do not charge for membership or per meeting. Your only commitment is to show up at all events for which you register. You can always change your mind AND reservation! Ideas for meetups and feedback are very welcome, as are sponsorship proposals. We aim to offer inclusive, diverse, free, and fun meetings for years to come. Together we will keep making this Meetup work!