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Elixir's master branch now contains a formatter that automatically formats your code to match a community style. It is scheduled to be released in Elixir v1.6. Which might lead you to ask: Why should I use it? How do I set it up? What is it going to do to my code?

Wonder no more! In this talk, we’ll seek answers to these questions. We’ll review the best arguments for and against autoformatting, locate Elixir’s moment in the history of this idea, explain setup on different systems, learn how the formatter works, and witness how it changes a real OSS Elixir/Phoenix application.

Elixir mixologists of every experience level will leave this talk with a better understanding of this important tool, and a deeper grasp of the persistent debate around code style.


Pizza served at 6pm talk will start at 6:15pm, please be on time.

We will greet you downstairs and send you up. Please do not be late as we cannot be downstairs once the meetup starts.


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