A Tour of Live-Reloading in Elixir

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Speaker: Jason Axelson | Hobnob (https://hobnob.app/) | https://github.com/axelson/

Talk description:
In this talk Jason will go into how live-reloading (for development) is accomplished in Elixir, the different approaches that libraries and authors use, and demonstrate it using a small scenic app that shows off live-reloading.

About the Speaker
Jason Axelson is a Software Engineer from Honolulu, Hawaii. He works at https://hobnob.app/ and is in love with Elixir. He is especially interested in Scenic, Nerves, and development tooling. He is a maintainer of ex_sync and helps steward the elixir language server projects.


Pizza served at 6pm, talk will start at 6:15pm, please be on time.

We will greet you downstairs and send you up. Please do not be late as we cannot be downstairs once the meetup starts.


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