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We play Euchre at a different Chicago pub or restaurant for fun (with a little competitive streak). You will meet new people, visit different places, and improve your skill. Open to all players. No need to bring a partner - we will match you up. If you haven't played before, come to one of our Teach & Learn classes. You'll get hooked! Join us!

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Let's play cards....


PLEASE READ THE NEXT 4 paragraphs...

Happy New Year to everyone. Here's hoping that 2022 will be better than the last 2 years...

We will be doing SINGLES not team this tournament. Payout will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd. We will do it like the last tournament that we had. After each turn each player will draw a card to see who you are partner with. EXAMPLE: If I draw the Ace of Hearts and Jody draws the Ace of Diamonds her and I will be partners for that round.... Each person will keep track of their score and write it on a board that will be provided.

With the City's mandate of verifying vaccines EVERYONE MUST BE VACCINATED. The city has been doing checks on bars so I have to be firm on it. NO vaccine card can't play. Please bring a picture of your card with you. If you have any questions about this please call or text me[masked].

We look forward to seeing everyone. PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME. You could lose your spot if you are late. 5 minutes ok but 15 minutes plus is NOT.

Start time is 7:00 pm.



If you sign up PLEASE stay til the end.

I hope to see you guys....

Let's have fun meet people and play Euchre.

NO SHOWS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!! Cancellations on the day before or day of will NOT BE TOLERATED We understand that things come up please call or text me at[masked].

Depending on the number of teams, we will play either by most wins, points will be tie-breaker (no bye) or by points (W/L record will be tie-breaker). Players will be notified before end of first round. It end of 8 deals, game is tied, one additional hand must be played.

The basic (Hoyle) rules of Euchre are applied. "Stick the dealer" is in; other variations (e.g. "ace-no-face," "farmer's hand" etc.) are out. If there is a question/clarification needed in the rules, consult the organizer before the next trick begins.

Games start promptly at 7:00 pm.


RSVP Guidelines:

==Please RSVP even if your answer is no. This helps me keep track who are the active players.

==If you respond "Yes" please be on time so everyone can start playing at game time. Please be advised that if you get there late, we may fill your spot with someone we find at the bar. Still, one would hope that won't happen and you would have called the organizer first.

==Put yourself on our Waitlist even if the meetup is filled. When/if a spot opens, the organizer can change your RSVP and move you to an open spot.

==DO NOT cancel last minute (i.e., same day or less than 24 hrs). It places an additional and stressful burden on the organizers (we are all volunteers) to find a sub. Not to mention, it may force the rest of the group to play with only three players which is not as much fun.

==DO NOT RSVP "yes" merely to save a spot. If you are even remotely uncertain whether you can make the game, do not RSVP "yes". It is unfair to members who can commit to the date and want to play. Place yourself on the wait list instead. Patterns of repeated cancellations are being noticed.

Due to the growing popularity of this meetup, the needs of the organizers, and in the interest of fairness, individuals will be REMOVED from this group's membership list for failing to show up for a game, failing to provide advanced notice, and/or for patterns of cancellations, no-shows, and late appearances. I apologize for taking this hard-line approach but in order to make the game a pleasant experience for everyone -- organizer and players alike -- absences will not be tolerated.

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Let's play cards....


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