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The Chicago Java User’s Group is here to help the Java Professional. We want to make Chicago the ‘best’ place to be a Java developer, by offering a support network that allows each individual Java developer to grow! Its only purpose it to serve its community by focusing in three areas: - Learning about the Java Craft - Making a Difference in the Java Community - Growing as a Java Professional

AND please, this is for those who program Java, NOT for recruiters, NOR staffers, NOR head hunters, career creators, or whatnots. While we do love what you do, this place is a sanctuary for us Java Developers. Wanna fight for the best talent in town, head to our LinkedIn group (http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Chicago-Java-Users-Group-4691739?gid=4691739&trk=hb_side_g). Interested in presenting? Email us at present@cjug.org .

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Lightning Talks Evening to celebrate Java's 25th and our Women Developers

Java is turning 25 on May 23rd! We'll have an evening of lightning talks to celebrate that and also take the opportunity to recognize the women developers in our community. You are all welcome to submit a talk, and you will always be accepted to speak. In the event that we have more speakers than time permits, we will set up another evening meetup of lightning talks. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Please submit your topics to: [masked] ----------------------------------------------------------------- Lightning talks are about 5 minutes long, but we're really an easy bunch so no harm if you go a little over. We're open to all JVM languages or JVM themes. Don't have a topic? No problem! Talk about something you learned in this year thus far, or maybe something that you plan to learn in the near future! Come and be a part of it! See this article with tips from Martin Fowler (https://www.perl.com/pub/2004/07/30/lightningtalk.html) about giving lightning talks. ============================ Oracle's Java 25th Info: "Our World. Moved by Java." https://twitter.com/java/status/1260630982337667072 https://blogs.oracle.com/java/our-world-moved-by-java?source=:so:tw:or:awr:ot:&SC=:so:tw:or:awr:ot:&pcode= ============================= ----------------------------------------------------------------- Agenda (US-Central / GMT-5): 5:45pm-6:00pm Doors open 6:05pm-6:10pm Intro and Announcement 6:10pm-7:40pm Lightning talks by our members 7:40pm~8:00pm Q&A ----------------------------------------------------------------- ****************************************************** Confirmed speakers (as of May 19 07:45pm-CDT): 1) Elisa Abedrapo Presentation: "Automate Your Repetitive Work To Save Time For Creative Solutions" 2) Anita Malcolm Presentation: (TBD) 3) Donald Raab Presentation: (A topic on Eclipse Collections) 4) 5) ..... More! ====================================================================== We are very grateful to the JakartaEE Working Group (https://jakarta.ee/) for their generosity in sponsoring the worldwide JUG community with our livestreaming needs during the current pandemic situation. Note: Please RSVP and the Crowdcast URL will be visible to you. Please also remember to sign up on the Crowdcast page. ======================================================================

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