Andres Olarte: Scalable Services with JMS, Spring Integration and Apache Camel

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Integration Frameworks like Spring Integration and Apache Camel provide useful tools for creating scalable distributed applications. Whether creating new microservices, or peeling away at a monolithic legacy application, an Integration Framework coupled with a JMS broker will provide a convenient infrastructure so that you can focus your effort on the business problems at hand. Enterprise Integration Patterns are applied in a simple example, done side by side using both Spring Integration and Apache Camel. In aggregate, Enterprise Integration Patterns help us solve the bigger problems of modern day scalable distributed systems.


Andres works as a Senior Java Software Engineer for The Nerdery, a custom software design and development shop, where he spends most of his time working on Enterprise integrations and messaging. He is passionate about Software Design Patterns and how they help us solve complex problems. Andres has previously worked for ModernizingMedicine and DotCMS. Andres blogs at and you can follow him on twitter @aolarte.