Victoria Gonda Presents: Getting Started with AndroidX Test


We are very excited to have Victoria Gonda, an Android local expert from the Chicagoland area, speaking at CJUG this month! This talk should be interesting to anyone whether or not you are already doing any Android development.


Testing on Android is slowly becoming more approachable. With AndroidX Test, you can use a single test API to run your instrumentation tests either on your mobile device, or on your computer using Robolectric. This is great, so how do you start? In this talk you’ll learn how to use AndroidX Test and Espresso to get started writing Integration tests for your app.

About Victoria:

Victoria is an Android Engineer at Buffer, and author on The conferences she has spoken at have been an enjoyable way to connect with the technical community and exchange information with others. She was drawn to programming because of its potential to help people in a meaningful way. In her spare time, Victoria enjoys dancing and curling up with a good book.