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Chicago Meetup is Chicago's Meetup Group for creativity, style, life, and nightlife. With over 3,000 members, Chicago Meetup is the largest Arts & Culture Meetup Group in Chicago (http://www.meetup.com/find/#?offset=0&psize=64¤tpage=1&categories=1&keywords=&radius=5&userFreeform=Chicago%2C+Illinois%2C+USA&mcId=z2805447&mcName=Chicago%2C+IL&sort=member_count&_suid=136724423515007654047867352853) and is one of its largest overall (http://www.meetup.com/find/#?offset=0&psize=64¤tpage=1&allMeetups=true&categories=&keywords=&radius=5&userFreeform=Chicago%2C+Illinois%2C+USA&mcId=z2805447&mcName=Chicago%2C+IL&sort=member_count&_suid=136724472010305202601599568803). Nearly shut down in July 2009 when its original founder left, the group has flourished as Chicago's most eclectic Meetup Group and one of the city's most active and fastest-growing groups.

Because it operated for over three years as the Creative Social Club and remains dedicated to engaging Chicago's creative community, Chicago Meetup is creative, experimental, and unbounded at its core. Chicago Meetup has many Meetups and the diversity of those Meetups will range from quirky hipster storytelling Meetups in Lincoln Square to arts professional development programs in West Town to fashion shows and bourgie nightlife Meetups in River North. If you are an eclectic person, this is the Meetup Group for you.

Chicago Meetup is an informal community of individuals. As with all Meetup Groups, membership in Chicago Meetup is subject to the Meetup Terms of Service (http://www.meetup.com/terms/).

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Kind of a unique name for a Halloween online dating event...

Hello members. Long time, no talk. I hope you all have been healthy, safe, and happy in 2020. I have been meaning to get Meetup going again and will do so step-by-step. Here is a baby step. A friend of mine is helping organize a Halloween online dating event. I won't post the name because I want to account for members who might be sensitive and react negatively. I will just provide an Eventbrite link and a coupon code. The link is https://www.eventbrite.com/e/chi-town-serial-killer-speed-dating-online-tickets-123131418387 The coupon code is Jens5off for $5 discount on tickets. You can choose from four different Saturdays in October to participate. Alright, that's it for this announcement. How are you holding up? We have been doing small Meetups in another friend's group. If you are interested in that, say so in the comments.

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