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While the weather transfers into winter we are moving our weekly Saturday Meetups to be held at Palmer Square Park in Logan Square a few blocks south of the monument. Location: Palmer Square Park is a long rectangular park. Sometimes we set-up on the East End and sometimes on the West End. PLease check both ends and call if you have any questions call Mike @[masked] Parking: Free around the park. Bathrooms: There is a Cuban restaurant close by and a Subway that we use.

Palmer Square Park

2201 N. Kedzie Blvd · Chicago, IL

What we're about WHAT IS IT? Slacklining is essentially tightrope walking between 2 trees on a flat piece of tubular webbing. The line is only a couple of feet off the ground so a death wish is not a requirement! We bring all the equipment and knowledge necessary to teach you how to take your first baby steps on the slackline. Slacklining takes a tremendous amount of balance, focus and muscle memory. These 3 fundamental aspects are then carried through to your everyday life. Come find your focus and hang out with like minded members in the Chicago community. WHY YOU SHOULD DO IT? Slacklining gives us the chance to fall and pick ourselves back up. Literally! Seriously, you will fall, and you will get back up. Chicago Slackliners Association or CSA evolved from the roots of yogic philosophy, asana and meditation. Slacklining gives one the chance to understand the principles of karma and reality. The more focused you are, the more your reality comes into balance. The moment you become unfocused is the moment you are thrown off the line. WHAT HAPPENS? Each step on the line sharpens & fine tunes the consciousness that's become fragmented by living in this co-created reality. Slacklining gives one the unique opportunity to slightly shift their perceptions to a higher reality of focus and awareness. Allowing distractions of the mind to run wild within your consciousness creates a conditioning out of life. Slacklining gives one the chance to wage war with the distractions of the mind. As distractions arise you are off the line. Slacklining gives body consciousness a chance to help with the elimination of mental distractions. As the body conditions itself physically and mentally to stay on the line the mind itself follows. OVER TIME WHAT WILL HAPPEN? As more time is spent on the slackline a synchronicity between body consciousness and consciousness take hold. This leads to the ability to reach very high levels of cognition and focus. Come practice slacklining and watch your super powers grow infinitely. Lets bring balance into an unbalanced world together through slacklining.

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