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What we’re about

The Nimatullahi Sufi Order is a spiritual discipline dedicated to the selfless service and love of all human beings. The foundation of our spiritual endeavors rests upon the practice of ceaselessly remembering God in thought, word and deed.

Our guiding principles are firmly rooted in the tradition of chivalry (futuwwa in Arabic and javanmardi in Persian) in the Middle East, where relations among members of society were based on selfless service and consideration of others first and foremost. Under the guidance and initiative of the late Dr Javad Nurbakhsh, the master of the Nimatullahi Order for over 50 years, many Sufi centers were established across Iran, then throughout the world and the United States. His son and current Master, Alireza Nurbakhsh, is continuing to foster the emergence of new centers and charitable projects at each of the Nimatullahi Sufi centers around the world to help address the social and economic needs of our respective communities.

At the center in Chicago we are eager to serve any sincere seeker who yearns for spiritual guidance and a mystical life of devotion to the Truth, the experience of Divine Love and selfless service to others. More information about Sufism and the Nimatullahi Order are available at and through the Sufi Journal of Mystical Philosophy and Practice, at