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Underwater WHAT? (
Underwater Hockey is a co-ed, 6 on 6, non-contact, water sport played on the bottom of the pool. It is a unique game in that it is 3-dimensional and requires you to play while holding your breath. Players wear fins, for speed, as well as masks, snorkels, and protective gloves and headgear. The sticks are short -- about one foot long -- so players can move them quickly through the water. Sticks flick and flash as players maneuver the puck on the bottom, shoot the puck past defenders, and bat down shots.

To start the game the puck is placed in the middle of the pool on the bottom. Someone screams "Stick Up, GO!" and the game begins. The game is non-contact so there is no checking and certainly no fighting, unlike ice hockey. On average, each player is underwater less than 5 seconds at a time, and almost never more than 15 seconds. Success -- putting the puck in the goal at the bottom of each end wall -- ultimately depends on teamwork, not how long you can hold your breath.

Who Can Play?
Anyone! The water is a great equalizer allowing men and women, small and large players, to compete on the same level.

Where and How?
Currently, we are playing at the The Water's Edge Aquatic Center (545 John St, Bensenville, IL 60106). Check the latest meet-up events for days and times!

  • The first three practices are always free. Interested players need to bring a swim suit and a towel; the rest of the gear will be available. Players are usually encouraged to come to about three practices before purchasing their own gear. If you are planning on coming and do not have gear, please message the group so we can ensure you have the appropriate gear to play.

The number of participants RSVPing on meetup is not an accurate reflection of the number of members that usually show up. The numbers are always much higher (averaging 10-15 players every practice)!

Here is a great introductory video:

For more info go to:

See you on the bottom!

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